Nigella Lawson

"Nigella Lawson enjoys the ease of using Sub-Zero Wolf's advanced appliances."

nigella lawsonNigella Lawson is an English food writer, journalist and broadcaster.

After graduating from Oxford University, Lawson worked as a book reviewer and restaurant critic, becoming the deputy editor of The Sunday Times in1986.

Nigella then ventured into freelance journalism, writing for a number of newspapers and magazines.

In 1998, Lawson released her first cook book, How to Eat, selling 300,000 copies and becoming a bestseller. She wrote her second book in 2000, How to be a Domestic Goddess, winning the British Book Award for Author of the Year.

In 1999, Nigella hosted her own cooking show series, Nigella Bites, and followed this with another bestselling cook book. Lawson won a Guild of Food Writers Award for her television series. She has since gone on to host and feature in many other popular shows.

Lawson has released her own cookware range, Living Kitchen, and has sold more than 3 million cook books worldwide.

Nigella enjoys the ease of using Wolf and Sub-Zero's advanced appliances, helping her achieve culinary delights.