Aldo Zilli

"Aldo Zilli chooses Sub-Zero Wolf for his home kitchen."

aldo zilliAldo Zilli is an Italian-born chef, restauranteur and media personality, residing in the UK and specialising in Italian cuisine.

Educated in Italy, Aldo came to England aged 19 and began introducing new cooking methods and eclectic menus.

Aldo started acquiring his own restaurants, beginning with Il Siciliano in Soho’s Dean Street. In 1988 he opened up Signor Zilli and in 1993 established London’s first authentic Italian bar, Signor Zilli Bar, next door. Zilli Fish in Brewer Street opened in 1997, also accompanied by Zilli Café next door.

Aldo’s innovative and creative menus have earned him a number of prestigious awards for outstanding Italian cuisine, including Best Italian Restaurant at The London Restaurant Awards in 1996 and Best Media Restaurant in 1998.

Aldo has hosted made guest appearances on many radio and TV shows. His latest venture is The Zilli Cookery School, a unique activity and cookery program. He has also written several books on Italian Cookery.

Aldo chooses Sub-Zero & Wolf for his home kitchen.

Aldo on the new Sub-Zero & Wolf London showroom: “This is art!"