John Raymond

"John Raymond chooses Wolf appliances for his kitchens."

john raymondJohn Raymond is the owner of the farmer-chef restaurant, Roots, the only farmer-chef owned restaurant in Milwaukee.

John started his culinary adventure as a kitchen-hand at age 15. He later attended the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Pursuing a career in professional cooking, John took an offer of an apprenticeship program from the ACF Milwaukee. John learned global cultures and cuisines based on multiple cooking philosophies.

Along with long time friend and organic farmer, Joe Schmidt, John opened the farmer-chef owned Roots in 2004, assuming full ownership in 2009 whilst still maintaining a strong relationship with John and his organic farm.

He credits childhood memories of gardens filled with peach, cherry and pear trees, along with fishing and hunting, as inspirations for John's passion for food.

John also featured at the 2012 Savory Spoon Cooking School.

John benefits from the high quality Wolf appliances at both Roots and Savory Spoon Cooking School's state-of-the-art kitchens.